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Amongst all the different things we do at Tunnicliffe's, Beehive boxes have found a special place in our production process since 2002.

Since our first few boxes we have seen a rapid growth in sales and developed a number of options for the New Zealand beekeeper.
Beside the boxes we also produce a range of floors, various rims for feeders, hive mats and other boards.
All products are supplied in components “flat-pack” form and being “wholesalers” we prefer to sell minimum lots of one pallet. Please refer to our Assembly Recommendation to learn more about our Beehive Box products.
We keep stock of all our standard products and specialise in custom work to your specifications (as long as volume allow it to be economical for both parties, generally a minimum of 2m3 of timber toe be processed).
Alongside our aim to give the New Zealand beekeeper options, we always strive for a better product. We listen to our customers and welcome any feedback or ideas at any time.
We also export bee woodware products and welcome overseas enquiries.
With regard to our boxes we have all the options:

  • The majority are supplied in either Full Depth or ¾ Depth
  • There are 3 different grades, Premium, Commercial and 2nds
  • The three main varieties are:


Kiln Dried Untreated Boxes
Our standard product cut from dense quality Radiata pine feedstock from the North Island kiln dried to 12-14% MC. In all three grades, still the biggest seller where the beekeeper dips in copper naphthenate, paraffin wax or just paint.

Tanalised® Ecowood™ Treated WET Boxes
Tanalised® Ecowood™ is a product by Arch Wood Protection (NZ) Limited, once the treated box is painted it comes with a 25-year guarantee. Tanalised® Ecowood™ is a different treatment compared to the more common Tanalised® CCA treatment. CCA contains Chrome and Arsenic, which cannot be used alongside bees. Tanalised® Ecowood™ is free of Chrome and Arsenic and is therefore the bee friendly alternative.Our boxes are treated to the above ground H3.2 level
The machined, Kiln Dried Untreated Boxes are forwarded in pallet lots for treatment to treatment facilities in Rotorua.
The Tanalised® Ecowood™ treatment process is waterborne, which means the timber swells and the dimensions of the beehive box change. Before the boxes can be used they need re-drying and some work done to them. Check out our recommendation: “Handling Tanalised® Ecowood™ Treated Wet Beehive Box Components”

Tanalised® Ecowood™ Treated KILN DRIED Boxes
To avoid the difficulties around the dimensional changes that occur with the Tanalised® Ecowood™ Treated Wet version, we have come up with this option where the rough sawn kiln dried feedstock is treated first and then re-dried before machining the timber into boxes. At first the price of this option may look high when compared with the untreated or the treated wet version, yet this premium product proofs cost effective when taking in consideration savings on time and other handling costs. All that is required on arrival of the boxes is assembly and applying a recommended minimum one coat of paint.

ThermoWood® Boxes
To help you choose a suitable box for your operation please refer to our more in-depth article Beehive Boxes, Weighing up the Options

Our latest version is manufactured from thermally modified NZ Radiata pine, which is free of any chemical and comparable with naturally durable timbers such as Cypress Macrocarpa, Western Red Cedar and Redwood. Tunnicliffe's ThermoWood® beehive box is a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly, long lasting product of the future for the New Zealand beekeeper industry and beyond.
The timber is treated in a special chamber where it is exposed to temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius. Steam is added to prevent the timber from combusting but also has an effect on the chemical changes taking place in the timber. In principal the durability is increased due to the fact that the edible (sugar compounds), on which the fungi live on, have been taken out by burning-off. At the same time the timber has increased dimensional stability (up to twice as stable as unmodified Radiata pine) and also insulation values have increased. There is some loss of strength, which has proven to be no issue after the first full season since its introduction in July 2008.
As with the Tanalised® Ecowood™ Kiln Dried version all that is required on arrival of the boxes is assembly and applying a recommended minimum one coat of paint.
To find out more about the revolution in beekeeper wood-ware check out: ThermoWood® Beehive Boxes

Beehive Floors
Kiln Dried Untreated 3-piece Shiplap Floors (profile drawing)
Please refer to our assembly recommendation
ThermoWood® 2-piece Shiplap Floor (profile drawing)


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